The Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band
          Please note we are updating our website. Work in progress.
                    JERSEY is booking for  2018

As we head into our 9th season we will be adding new songs from the huge catalog of music by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. If you have seen JERSEY and have a suggestion for a new song for us that you feel would be appreciated by fans of his music please send me an e-mail or message me on our facebook page. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.




                                                     Please stop in to our Facebook page and say hello !

                             " On the backstreets until the end  "                                       start the music player to hear JERSEY in concert    


       Please contact or call 330-607-1423 for 2016 booking info.

*** JERSEY is an Ohio based band that has performed in New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida as well as Ohio. ***                                                                           
                              ( all audio on the site is "live and unedited" from JERSEY performances )
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