The Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band
          Please note we are updating our website. Work in progress.
                       JERSEY is booking for  2018
                     Saturday  June 23rd, 2018    8:00  -  11:00

           Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment Center
                                         6301 Kellogg Ave
                                     Cincinnati, Ohio  45230


                                                     Please stop in to our Facebook page and say hello !

                             " On the backstreets until the end  "                                       start the music player to hear JERSEY in concert    


       Please contact or call 330-607-1423 for 2018 booking info.

*** JERSEY is an Ohio based band that has performed in New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida as well as Ohio. ***                                                                           
                              ( all audio on the site is "live and unedited" from JERSEY performances )
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