JERSEY - about the band

      JERSEY - the Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band was formed with one goal, to pay tribute to one of America's greatest musical acts. We have been performing in the region for over four years and have enjoyed each and every event and the opportunity to perform for and meet so many fans of the music we love.

      To do justice to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band I needed to assemble a seven piece line up of some of the areas finest musicians. I am thrilled and honored to share the stage with these great musicians and good friends.

      JERSEY - the Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band

      Joe Hill -                Lead guitar and back up vocals. Hailing from Washington, DC  Joe rocks the stage with his                                          guitar playing, energy  and charisma.

      Rik Williger -          Rik uses his endless musical talents to cover keyboards, guitar, mandolin and harmonica as                                     well as backing vocals. His versatility opens up the wide range of tunes written by "The Boss"

      Dave Finkenthal -  We call Dave our "Professor".  Dave's piano playing is critical in delivering the sound                                                     that is essential when covering Bruce's catalog. It takes a player of magnificent talent and
                                     we are lucky to have one. Dave also adds keyboard and backing vocal.
      Robert Myers -      Holding down the bottom end Bob has dedicated his efforts to replicating the work of the E                                           Street Band bassist Gary Tallent. Sometimes bass players are the unsung heros of the band,
                                    but musicians know they are the foundation of a good sound.

      Joe Pietrolungo -  Our own "Mad Max". I call him the master of the drum beat and the heart beat ( a cardiologist                                       by profession ) J P drives the band with his amazingly accurate portrayal of Max Weinberg.

      Andy Hinkle -        It takes a massive talent to do justice to "The Big Man". Andy plays the sax with passion                                             and soul. These are big shoes to fill and we are  thrilled when without fail the hardcore           
                                    Springsteen fans are so appreciative of his efforts. Andy also handles a majority of the       
                                    backing vocals.
      Dave Shoop -      The music of Bruce Springsteen has always been a part of my life. I will simply say it is a thrill
                                   to perform these songs.

                                   A special thanks to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.


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